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    Used to be able to speak "Call Mom" or "Call" (some contact name) and the call would be place as expected. Not anymore though.

    Now saying "Call Mom" prompts with "Who is your Mom?" I tell it that "Mom" is my contact "Mom" and direct it to remember this. The call is then placed but this is not remembered for future calls.

    Also, now when I say to "Call" (some contact name) it displays web search results for the name instead of placing the call. None of which are my contact who I want to call.

    Voice command for making phone calls has become totally useless.

    Is there a solution to get this working correctly again so that when I say "Call" followed by a contact name it just makes the call with no fuss?

    Nonsense like this makes me miss my flip phone.


    Android version 6.0
    Android security patch level 2018-04-01
    Kernel version 3.10.49
    Build number MRA58K
    Software version K37320s
    07-21-2018 05:42 PM

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