1. Brad Mister's Avatar
    I used smartswitch to transfer all files and data from my s8 (internal and sd card) to note10+. Some of my apps now are now greyed out. When i try and open them, they goto the play store and says not found with a retry button. When i long click on the greyed out app it only gives the option to select item or add to home. It does not allow to delete it. They also do not show up on the app list. Im assuming it has something to do with the s8's sd card. So basically i need to know how to delete those greyed out apps.
    11-30-2019 08:42 AM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    You can go to settings >general managment >reset settings if that don't work try setting >apps>3 dots upper right corner tap and scroll to reset app preference . If those don't work then factory reset and don't transfer stuff from s8 set up new
    11-30-2019 09:02 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Had you moved them to the SD card in the S8? If so, only the directory entries and links transferred, the apps couldn't, since they're not listed in the card's directory (only in the file allocation table, so they don't get overwritten), so they never got transferred. You can't uninstall them from the Note 10, because they're not installed, but you can't install them because they're in the directory. So you have to do a factory reset in the Note 10, and move the apps back to internal storage in the S8, then use Smart Switch.

    If there's no room in the S8, choose data first (music, pictures, videos, etc.), transfer them, delete them from the S8, then move the apps back to internal storage. If there's still not enough space to put them all back, choose apps that don't keep data, create apks of them (you can use App Backup & Restore), then uninstall them. Then move the remaining apps back to internal storage. Once all the apps are back in internal storage, use Smart Switch (it should switch App Backup & Restore also - you can manually copy the App_Backup_Restore folder if it didn't copy over), then restore those apps in the Note 10.

    Or you could try factory resetting the Note 10, starting the setup process again, and when it asks about copying from another phone, let it copy from the S8. (t takes a minute to set up, then it copies over WiFi in the background as you finish setting the phone up and start using it.)

    (This is another reason to not move apps to the SD card to the point that you have no space left in internal storage to move them back. It makes changing phones a nightmare.)
    11-30-2019 01:22 PM

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