1. bembol's Avatar
    What's your experience like with ART, love it or hate that you were forced to switch back to Dalvik? I have the LG G3 D852 & Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 from Bell. Both are now running ART.


    The only issue I have with the S5 is thea stock app, Polaris Office 5. I can't open PDF files which in my case I rarely use.

    Compared to the S5 I noticed the performance & smoothness more with ART on the G3, I guess it's because when I first got her I did notice lag. It's only been a few hours since I switched but I'm loving it no issues and was able to open a PDF file.

    Also, I noticed when I try performing Software Update I get a message on the S5 saying my OS has been modified and recommends using Samsung Kies which I no luck. Ironically, there's a performance update and I can't update it. I have no problems with the G3.
    08-14-2014 12:48 AM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Galaxy S4 - T-Mobile - Rooted and running Slim Kat 4.4.4

    Have been running ART since release and haven't had any issues that I can attribute to ART with absolute certainty. I have had apps crash but they weren't exactly rare on Dalvik either. Battery life does seem to be slightly improved, at least while idle.

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.4
    08-14-2014 12:51 AM
  3. kirksucks's Avatar
    Just switched back to dalvik and the force closes stopped. Razr m

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    08-14-2014 03:56 PM
  4. Aglet's Avatar
    Nexus 5 - Telstra Australia - Kit Kat 4.4.4r2 - only one app looks unhappy and crashes (ironically it's a carrier app); no other problems.
    08-14-2014 04:17 PM

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