Help with my Samsung Galaxy S5?


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Dec 17, 2017
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I couldn't think of a title for this thread, and I have a few questions to ask in one thread than spamming the site with multiple threads.
I am getting a new phone soon, the S7. I'm hoping for the edge, because of the bigger battery.
My current Canadian carrier plan was hooked up to my Canadian S5 Neo, but it broke a year after I signed up on my 2 year contract. So i found a refurbished S5, looked sleek and nice.
I took it home (bought it first, haha), charged it until its at a hundred, and the first thing that I noticed was that's it's an unlocked Sprint (G900P) varient. I have looked online, just everywhere, searching to see if I can flash my carrier (Bell Mobility) rom to my Sprint S5 because I have had an S5 before on Bell, and I there was less bloat and I know I didn't have a WiFi Calling feature and the keyboard felt a little different. Don't remember having to click on a checkmark on the predicted words bar just to make the keyboard remember that word.
I am assuming I can't flash a Bell S5 (G900W8) because of the model numbers, but is the model number saved in the hardware or just the software?

Also, my other question is, that when I have contacted Bell to see why my phone only connected to 3G, they said maybe because the phones IMEI number is different than the one listed on my account, which was my S5 Neo. So they added my phones IMEI number to my account, they told me to turn the phone off for 2 minutes and turn it back on. Call them again with a reference number thst the other rep gave me. They told me that the only phone listed on my account is an S5 because of the IMEI number switch on my account.
They also said that they don't know why I'm not getting LTE on a LTE capable device.
So I said alright and let them work, didn't know I'll be dealing with slow 3G from a good 6 months, and I just can't get my phone connected to LTE.
I knew I have put in the right APN for my carrier, as data (3G only) and MMS works just fine.
I even went to a Bell kiosk at my closest mall and they don't even know why.
So i searched around, found a Sprint page and one of their users from a few years ago had a similar issue as me.
The only best answer that Sprint forums gives you was to switch to airplane mode for 2 minutes and switching it off. That should reset the signals on your phone toake them more "stable".
And yes, I am in a LTE zone.
The biggest cell carrier in my province is Sasktel, and Bell uses their towers; I also had LTE on my S5 Neo before switching to this used unlocked Sprint S5.
I have also tried changing the Network mode, only "Automatic" and "CDMA" works instead of the other two options:
They just don't let me connect to any cell service.

I have never touched the APN I have when switching to other network modes, Bell's site told me it wasn't necessary. I followed what they told me and went on.
So am I able to get LTE on my phone? I know I'm getting a new phone soon, but I would like to use this S5 as a back up phone, just in case something happens with my new one.

Sorry for the long read for just a couple of questions.
First time making a post on this site, so it told me to go in detail, haha.
But this isn't the first time I used the site, I have used it without an account for help years ago in the past for help with ODIN flashing and such, I have some knowledge in flashing roms I made with TWRP or knowing how to flash my stock ROM from SamMobile in case something went wrong (like last week when I deleted the wrong system app).

My phone is rooted. I flashed Chainsfire Auto Root on my device with ODIN. if Root can solve at least one of my issues, I'd be grateful until the 11th of January (my last day with Bell since I have cancelled my contract which was only like 70 some dollars, so why wait more for the price to buy out go down?)
Here is the specs of my phone
Stock G900P 6.0.1 Marshmallow - Rooted with CF Auto Root
TWRP Custom Recovery
Unlocked SIM (Bell Mobility SIM card in inserted)
And I am well aware that KNOX is tripped, as there was no warranty from the second hand store and I think Samsung stopped supporting the S5, so I didn't care that I tripped KNOX and I don't use KNOX features anyways or play games like Pokémon Go.
Again, if you guys can help me, that would be great. I tried to do it on XDA forums, but I had to do something with my account in order to make my first post, so I came here.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and extra thanks for any help I may get.


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