1. elvise's Avatar
    Hello, I recently bought a Nexus 5, absolutely love it, but here in China, the Internet s**ks. I have been trying without much success to find a radio app that works on slow connections. I have done searches, downloaded the top 10 apps, but sadly none worked. Let me rephrase: they worked but constantly dropped out. I am picking up the connection on wifi, to give you all the details. I am new to Android, having defected from the apple offered to Adam and Eve in the garden, and hope some resident Android genius can help me out. Worldwide radio is very important here. And a Chinese bow to all . . .
    03-29-2014 09:24 AM
  2. organicphoto's Avatar
    Radio Online PCRadio is the app you want.

    The place I work at has the slowest internet I've experienced in the past 15 years, and I can't get a cell tower signal because I'm in the middle of the building.

    I've used TuneIn Radio for years but it constantly drops out/rebuffers, but PCRadio is running smoothly without dropouts.
    09-22-2016 07:49 AM

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