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    Recently I discovered that I could not open PNG type file attachments.
    LP would just spin it's wheels with no display.
    The solution was to install an app which could handle PNG file types ... Fast Image Viewer.

    Then I realized I needed more control over which apps are used with specific file types.
    (Similiar to Windows Open With option.)
    I discovered the app ... Better Open With ... which permits the user some control and visibility.
    BOW permits the user to set the default app used to open each catergory of file types.
    You also can change the default app as desired...and override the default if needed.
    The app replaces the Android "Complete Action Using" function.

    So far so good ... I have more control!
    I do wish it listed the actual file types ... not just file categories.
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    01-01-2015 02:47 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Thank you. This is something a lot of people have been asking for. As you said, letting it choose any installed app based on file type would be a nice bonus.
    01-01-2015 03:41 PM

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