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    Reading back through here and XDA threads, it seems there's a weird solution that works for someone or other, but I've been testing my Nexus 7 and the dock and have been getting some weird results

    Plugging it directly to a certain wall plug, im getting an estimated 1.5A of charging and can see it charges rather quickly in the 20 minutes i left it to get that estimate

    Plugging it in its intended spot (through a UPS on my desk) im getting about 1A, not great but enough to charge it with daydream on.

    Plugging it in the same spot through the dock, the app doesnt seem to be able to measure charge, and I notice the battery level drop after a while. The dock itself says I need a 5V 2A charger so it can fast charge, how come the dock cant charge it but the same usb plug directly charges fine :/

    This is using the standard usb/charge brick I got with the nexus 7, updated to 4.3

    Can I do anything else to determine if the dock itself is/isnt faulty
    10-01-2013 03:27 PM

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