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    This isn't easy if you're technologically challenged. You may not know of the following information. This worked for my Cisco WiFi router, you may need to Google 'how to access QoS settings for (your router model name here)'. Note that this is if you experience lag with videos or games.

    Setting your QoS settings.

    1. In your computer, enter your IP address into your PC browser. This will take you to your router settings.

    To find out your IP address, Google 'what's my IP address?'. Enter that number into your address bar. (Ex. 11.11.1)

    2. Go to the Online and Gaming tab.

    3. Click QoS.

    4. Since you probably don't know much of what you're doing, leave the bandwidth management set to auto.

    5. Add a device by MAC address.

    6. Name it Nexus 7 or whatever.

    7. Enter your MAC address.

    Found in your tablet, Settings---> About Tablet under System at the bottom---> Status---> Copy Wi-Fi MAC address you see

    8. Set priority to high.

    9. Save changes and you're done!

    This should let YouTube videos stream better if you have problems, or online lag.

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    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Android Central Forums
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    09-01-2012 08:06 PM
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    Thanks! I also did this for my Xbox 360 and now the lag is almost nonexistent!

    If you have a Netgear router just goto routerlogin.net and the username is admin and the password is password!
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    09-09-2012 09:19 PM