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    Hi All,

    I just picked up an N7 a couple of days ago. It's a replacement for my venerable iPad 1st Gen, which has served well but is now unsupported, and I deem iPad Mini 'Retinas' to be too pricey. The N7 is a 32GB, wifi only model. Never used Android before, but so far, so good in getting up and running. Quite fun experimenting with the flexibility and so on that iOS doesn't include, but no doubt I have only scratched the surface so far. Love the sharp screen!

    My question (and I know there are threads on this topic, but I don't think they answer my specific issue. Apologies if I have missed something and this is a straight repeat):

    I have a MacBook Air, plus a BlackBerry Q10 (surprisingly, Mac and BB talk to each other very easily via BB Link software, including media uploading and syncing). My wife also has a BB, plus an iPad Mini. I have been able to transfer my photos from Mac to N7 without any difficulties via AFT, and installed QuickPic so I could order my photos by month and year. Try as I might, I cannot get my videos to play! I downloaded MX Player, but whilst it recognizes and appears to play the file (i.e. I can see a time bar working), there is no video! The vids from my wife's iPad are .MOV or .mp4 format, depending on whether they were taken with the iPad or the BB. I have also tried most other video players on the Play store, but without success.

    Just to confuse me even further, the N7 will play a vid that my wife has emailed to me as an attachment! But anything imported via iPhoto / AFT is a no go.

    Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
    08-17-2014 05:07 AM
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    Hi there I use Android Video Player a free app from the Play Store.

    It plays the movies transferred from my MBA , the movies are in .mov format.

    Hope that helps

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    08-17-2014 08:10 AM
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    Try vlc as that has played everything I have thrown at it.

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    08-18-2014 03:44 AM
  4. kilskev's Avatar
    Mx may need a codec download

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    08-18-2014 09:27 AM
  5. The Captain Chaos's Avatar
    Thanks all, I have managed to resolve it. MX did need a codec download. However, the main issue was …. iPhoto! Turns out it was exporting all files, including vids as JPEGs! No wonder they didn't work! So I fixed that and re-exported all I wanted to look at on my N7. Now it works well. The only minor gripe I have is that sorting via date (i.e. oldest first) seems a little hit & miss, even within QuickPic, which is miles better than the standard photos app….
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    08-19-2014 01:38 PM

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