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    The word “reprieve” is a curious and refreshing word that isn’t used much nowadays, but I think that Incipio hit the nail on the head when they used it for this phone case lineup. The modern definition of reprieve means to take a break, or a temporary escape from something, which is much better than the formal definition which means a temporary escape from an undesirable fate or unpleasant situation. However, I suppose the shoe does fit in some situations. Not all cases are a bundle of pleasantries, and the idea of going caseless can cause pain and suffering if you drop your phone (and we all know that pain and suffering is the path to the dark side)… so, yeah. Reprieve is pretty spot on; and it certainly lives up to the name. The Reprieve 2.0 by Incipio is a refreshing breath of fresh air and a departure from many norms in protective style and sporty cases, giving you a mass ton of protection in a little bitty package that not only works, but looks cool at the same time.

    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0371.jpg

    The Look: The overall design of the Reprieve is sleek, and sturdy. Normally these two descriptions don’t work out well together, but the work that went into this case has paid dividends in style and security. When I first took a look at the packaging, I was like “What? No way this thing actually has 12ft of drop protection”, but it does… which is simply amazing, because it looks like a thin TPU style case. One of the cool design enhancements are the keynote colors on the edges, which are boldly displayed in contrast to the clear style case in every color but Black. The colored bumpers on Black version of this case are also Black, which give it a uniform and subdued look. There are four color options for the Reprieve: Black, Blue, Coral, and Volt. The Coral color is like a soft orange, and the Volt looks lime-green color.

    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0372.jpg
    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0373.jpg

    The Feel: The case is textured very well, with complimenting texturized grips to go along with the flat-back design. The great benefit of this design is that it gives you a solid handle on the phone but doesn’t sacrifice on the aesthetics either, which is really important because when you have a sweet looking phone like the Pixel 2, you want to be able to show it off! The buttons are responsive and have a nice amount of spring to them, but aren’t soft enough that you’ll accidentally be pressing them or activating them in your pocket. The overall form factor of this case is fantastic, leaving the sleek body of the Pixel 2 largely intact and feeling very nude. Even though the case is protective and adds a little bit to the overall size of the phone, it doesn’t feel like it at all. The case actually adds just enough padding that it feels natural and comfortable, which was a nicety for me since the Pixel 2 feels a little small/thin to me.

    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0375.jpg
    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0377.jpg

    Security: Even though this phone case is a sexy beast, the real points for me are scored in the security department. Not only does it look good, but it keeps your phone super secured at the same time. The Reprieve offers 12 ft of drop protection, which is just insane for a case with such a slim design. The standard for most true protective style cases is generally 10ft, so for a sport case like the Reprieve to offer 12ft is just crazy. The way the Reprieve steps up it’s protective game is in the enhanced bumper padding that it has on the corners. The design on this case offers reinforced shock absorbing corners which helps to spread out the impact in case you drop it, keeping your phone safe and damage free. In addition to the added protection, the rest of the case is finished with a scratch resistant, self-healing coating which will help to eliminate unwanted scratches and abrasions. Of course it’s not scratch proof, but the extra resistance goes a long way in keeping your case looking shiny and brand new.

    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0378.jpg[REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0379.jpg

    Decision Making Concerns: There really aren’t a whole lot of downsides to this case – other than the price, which is competitive. The Reprieve 2.0 comes in at $39.99 MSRP, which is pretty well on-point with other cases that offer similar levels of security, and the notoriety of Incipio. I can’t really find anything about this case that I don’t like. I thoroughly enjoyed using it on my phone and the Volt color really helps it stand out. The only thing I think that you might not like are some of the color offerings. While Coral and Volt are novel, they certainly aren’t the most professional colors, so it may not be the greatest for an office setting. However, if you’re a sport and outdoorsy/active person, these colors really fit-the-build for these types of environments. All in all, if you end up going with this case I don’t think you’ll be disappointed one bit.

    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0386.jpg
    [REVIEW] Incipio Reprieve 2.0 for the Pixel 2-img_0390.jpg

    Conclusions: The Reprieve is the real deal. It covers all of the bases for design and protection, and won’t break the bank. It’s not the cheapest case west of the Mississippi (or ermmmm, the east...), but it’s on par with other competitors, and brings along Incipio’s brand recognition and standard 1-year warranty. This case will keep your phone looking fresh, sporty, and it will protect you from pretty much any slip or drop that life can throw your way; it’s a benchmark setter in protection and design for me.

    If you’re interested in picking up one of Incipio’s Reprieve 2.0 cases for your Google Pixel 2, you can check them out on http://www.incipio.com – they are currently priced at $39.99.
    04-04-2018 09:37 AM

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