1. Ankurnmhs's Avatar
    I have been using Teamviewer on all my devices for years. It works great in efforts to control computers from phones, phone to phone and phone to computers. I when I had the Samsung phones, I had to install Teamviewer Host app and then Samsung add on app. After that, I was able to control that Samsung phone form anywhere (pc/andriod).

    The Pixel 3a, I am having issues trying to do the same. The Teamviewer host app will install, and I will be able to view the screen of the pixel 3a from other devices, but I am unable to control its input. (view only mode). I am hoping people might know how i can access the phone remotely, or if there is another all which I can use to do so.

    So in short, I want to CONTROL a pixel 3a remotely from computer/android, without any confirmation from that phone once installed. (unattended access). Thank you for your help in these matters.

    09-03-2019 12:55 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It appears to be a problem with Pie (and it's probably going to get worse with 10). They have to update the app.

    Contact them at service@teamviewer.com and complain.
    09-03-2019 01:48 PM
  3. jabyte's Avatar
    I realize this is an old thread but, I just recently upgraded to a Pixel 2 (for $120 on Amazon) and when I recommended the Pixel family of phones (my new favorite phone, damn Google really does an excellent job with the entire user experience) now I'm wanting to remote into friends and families Pixel phones, and TeamViewer doesn't allow this!!!

    I'm a long time TeamViewer user, and was really dissappointed about the lack of control on Pixel phones since I was able to control my LG and Samsung phones. TeamViewer's explanation about needing Google's authorization/help seemed like a reasonable and unavoidable issue that was out of TeamViewer's hands.

    Then I happened along AnyDesk and OMG, it's a showstopper, it's so fast and capable I was blown away. At first it only offered "view only as well." But when I opened it a second time it asked about installing a Plug-in that would allow full control. Sure enough, I can remote into my phone from another Android phone or my computer. And the control is amazing. The Plugin is called "AnyDesk control plugin (ad1)" if you want to search for in on Google Play instead of using the link above. After that you are good to go!!!!

    I've since "upgraded" all my computers to AnyDesk from TeamViewer. In my opinion it is MUCH faster and more responsive, and CRAZY easy to setup and use. TeamViewer really was making the whole process more convoluted then necessary. Now it feels like I can instantly log into whatever PC or phone I want, so easy and fast compared to TeamViewer!!! Loving AnyDesk, and I highly recommend it!
    03-26-2020 08:08 AM

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