08-01-2020 08:57 AM
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  1. eak1570's Avatar
    Just want to know everyone still on stock pixel launcher or go to Nova or 3rd party launcher.
    11-13-2019 07:06 PM
  2. dmxjago's Avatar
    I stuck with stock launcher and haven't bothered with third party. One thing I do miss is custom icons that's about it. Although I appreciate the theming Google Pixel Launcher provides I wish they had the option to load a custom icons pack then it would be absolutely perfect.
    11-13-2019 07:09 PM
  3. patsfan1130's Avatar
    I've been using Nova since forever ago. The one thing I wanted the most was swipe down for the notification shade. I finally got it. I've stuck with stock and I'm really enjoying it! Custom icons would be nice but it's not enough to get me to go back.
    11-13-2019 07:13 PM
  4. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    I am using stock as I want to use the new Google Assistant. I am in the UK so I had to jump through hoops to get the GA (and this was the main reason for me to upgrade from my 2XL).

    Wish I had custom icons but again I like the theming options.
    11-13-2019 07:46 PM
  5. strikeIII's Avatar
    Using stock here. Used to use Nova Prime in the past but stock hasn't given me a reason to use it.
    11-13-2019 08:20 PM
  6. bhatech's Avatar
    Like the Pixel launcher and so stick with it. Only thing I would have liked is lock desktop mode which prevents accidental moving/removing icons.
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    11-13-2019 09:33 PM
  7. TNRonin's Avatar
    I just transitioned from ADW2 to the nova launcher. Like it so far. Seems easier to customize than ADW2.
    Never cared for the stock UI.
    11-13-2019 09:45 PM
  8. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Are you able to use the new gestures if you're using a different launcher?
    11-14-2019 11:04 AM
  9. Scott Shrewsberry's Avatar
    Used to use Nova all the time, but moved to the stock launcher about two years ago and been on it ever since. That is until about 3 days ago, when 3rd party launchers got gesture navigation. Now, I'm giving Nova another go. Enjoying it so far.
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    11-14-2019 11:25 AM
  10. idiotekniques's Avatar
    I am using stock as I want to use the new Google Assistant. I am in the UK so I had to jump through hoops to get the GA (and this was the main reason for me to upgrade from my 2XL).

    Wish I had custom icons but again I like the theming options.
    What features of the Google Assistant aren't available with 3rd party launchers like Nova?
    11-14-2019 12:41 PM
  11. dmgerbino's Avatar
    As a new Pixel user I'm staying with stock for now. I use Nova Prime on tablet. I used the most recent version (paid) of Smart Launcher on my previous phone. I miss all the custom gestures I created to launch my most used apps.
    11-14-2019 02:21 PM
  12. Mathrania's Avatar
    I have been using Nova launcher for around 3-4 years on all my phones, but first time STOCK on pixel 4xl and I am loving it, dont need the feel to go to Nova... yes would love to see custom icons, but that is fine.
    11-14-2019 02:59 PM
  13. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    What features of the Google Assistant aren't available with 3rd party launchers like Nova?
    The new assistant is available in the US only. To use it in the UK you need to follow certain steps. Gesture navigation, assistant using US English, stock launcher. I got the 4XL specifically to use the new GA so I had to ditch Action Launcher for stock.
    11-14-2019 08:24 PM
  14. neil74's Avatar
    I love nova but imo the 4xl feels snappier on stock
    11-15-2019 03:43 PM
  15. kolyan2k's Avatar
    I have 2 scrolling docks with 7 apps on each "page", I dont think stock can do this
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    11-15-2019 04:08 PM
  16. m3lover1's Avatar
    In the past with all my phones, be it Google, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, etc I always install Nova first. For some reason this time I have been using stock launcher and haven't switched yet
    11-15-2019 09:14 PM
  17. LeoRex's Avatar
    I used to be all about launchers like nova... But then I sat back one day and actually looked at what I was doing. First thing I would do was fuss with countless settings in an attempt to replicate stock launcher features that I lost. Then I'd spend the rest of the time fiddling with settings that didn't actually benefit me all that much... but I couldn't resist clicking buttons and flipping toggles.

    And I came to the realization that I was compromising my phones usability to turn my launcher into what amounted to a digital fidget spinner.

    I occasionally fire up several different launchers to see what they've been up to, but that is about it. There are two many features tied up in the stock launcher for me to think about a permanent switch.
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    11-16-2019 02:44 AM
  18. idiotekniques's Avatar
    The main thing missing from the stock launcher is being able to customize the look of it. So I simply use Nova for that. And it works like a charm. I do like not having to have the google now screen immediately to the left of the home screen as well, I keep a calendar widget there instead. Still a Nova fan here but I ran stock for months when I was on the 10 beta, since Nova wouldn't work with gestures, and I didn't miss Nova much besides hating on the stock icon theme.
    11-16-2019 12:07 PM
  19. kolyan2k's Avatar
    I am guessing no one is using it like I do I have my desktop dedicated to widgets only to maximize the info I need to see every day. I dont have any icons, only scrollable dock
    11-17-2019 03:20 PM
  20. PaulQ's Avatar
    Tried stock again with Pixel 4XL mainly because I thought a 3rd party launcher would kill gestures and the new assistant.

    Decided to give my usual Action Launcher a try anyway. Android gestures and new assistant work! I am mainly addicted to "covers" in Action Launcher. I think it cleans up the look and I like having one tap access to the main app in the folder. The extra dock is handy too. Also can expajnd the swipe down gesture for notifications. Does a bunch of other things. I don't use it all.

    Last time I used my Pixel 3 with Action Launcher, the gestures got disabled by Android 10. They work on the Pixel 4. Shhh! Don't tell Google.
    11-17-2019 04:25 PM
  21. rajeshr68's Avatar
    I have always used Nova Launcher in the past on all my previous devices. This time I kept to the stock Pixel Launcher as the other launcher didn't support gestures and was quite happy with it. I tried Nova Launcher again on my Pixel 4 XL a few days ago but found the multi-tasking gesture would stutter when using Nova so have switched back to the stock Pixel launcher for now.
    11-17-2019 09:19 PM
  22. GMGCPA's Avatar
    SquareHome 3 launcher for my Pixel 4XL...no hit to battery...window tiles are beautiful and google assistant and all gestures work great...
    11-17-2019 09:53 PM
  23. Executor32's Avatar
    Swipe down for notifications works on Nova, as do the new minimized assistant and the other navigation gestures. If that's the only reason you switched to stock, you can switch back now. 😉
    11-18-2019 09:04 AM
  24. anon(881307)'s Avatar
    Been with Nova launcher for many years now..mostly use to lock the desktop..once they find a way to do this in stock OS.. Till then I will never switch
    11-18-2019 10:22 AM
  25. race4life's Avatar
    I tried stock launcher for a few days and eventually made the move back to Nova Launcher. I like the customization with Nova (I hate the app names on my screen). and widgets look much better with Nova (with padding). Also, for those that say 3rd party launchers don't support gesture, that is not true. I have gestures and the new google assist turned on using Nova.
    11-18-2019 01:48 PM
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