1. pansovic's Avatar
    I am receiving very frequently error message "android.process.acore" where I can choose between wait or force close. With the App Elixir I noticed that Dialer is using a lot of my CPU. The CPU usage is all the time above 50 and many tine between 70 and 84%. The total CPU usage is 47% and is the highest of all the app's.
    When I want to call it takes me long time to make the call if not get blocked. To get the list of missed calls as well takes eternity to appear. When somebody calls most of the time it doesn't give me the name when the contact already is saved.

    So, how comes that the Dialer (which is the basic app of the phone) is taking so much CPU Usage and how can I reduce it.
    I noticed that WhatsApp as well is taking a lot of CPU usage (less than Dialer).

    Anybody can help?
    05-08-2012 12:40 AM