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    My phone was working fine until I installed Skype. Ater installing Skype my phone started to have major lock ups where nothing works unless I put the phone in stand-by or reboot.
    I have done 3 factory resets since I uninstalled Skype and I still have occasional freeze ups, but my major problem now is that I am unable to type anything in the address bar of both chrome and google search.
    When I tap on the address/search bar the keyboard does not come up. I have noticed that this only happens while in portrait mode, it works fine in landscape mode. The stock browser works fine in either mode.
    Also is there a way to do a factory reset that does not save anything, I notice that after reset it loads my wallpaper instead of the default and it also remembers my wifi settings.
    I would like to do a restore to brand new out the box setting.
    01-21-2013 04:50 PM

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