1. MultiMatt's Avatar
    I routinely receive emails that have an image embedded in the email.
    I never had an issue on my Touch Pro2 with this, but since getting the EVO and using Gmail, more often than not, Gmail will not display the image right there in the email. Sometimes it does, but too often, it won't. If I tap on download, I can see the image no problem, but I shouldn't have to do that!

    And if I tap on Preview, Gmail just "Fetches the attachment" forever, and still doesn't bring it up!

    Anyone else see this? I have tried clearing the cache, to no avail. Very annoying.
    06-13-2010 06:14 AM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    so it's just attached IMAGE FILES (gif, bmp, jpg, etc.) and not other kinds of attachments ie Excel, Word files etc. you're talking about here?
    06-13-2010 06:16 AM
  3. MultiMatt's Avatar
    yes and in particular i have emails that show screenshots from an application i use with webcams. It's called Mobiscope, and when there's motion, it sends me an email. I've been seeing the images ok for the most part, but too often i am seeing this endless loop fetching attachments. I have great signal strength and have even tried it via wifi, standing right next to my router
    06-13-2010 06:28 AM
  4. Gekko's Avatar
    is there a sending domain or email client that's a particular offender? ie yahoo mail? ie outlook?

    could it be the format of the sending email? ie HTML vs. text?
    06-13-2010 06:35 AM
  5. MultiMatt's Avatar
    A short while after replying to this yesterday, the emails began displaying the image once again, without me doing anything special. Here is a screenshot of what I receive:

    When Mobiscope detects motion on the webcam, it sends an email with a snapshot, then I can view the video of the motion by going to the web (I am working with Mobiscope to get a dedicated Android app developed - there is a killer iPhone one, and a decent Windows Mobile one).

    And again this morning, the images stopped appearing. Also interesting, sometimes I go to delete these emails after viewing, and Gmail force closes.

    Getting a lot of force closes out of Gmail. Seems the only thing that stops it is to remove the battery and reboot, and that is (sorrily) reminiscent of my Windows phone days... was hoping resets were a thing of the past...
    06-14-2010 11:59 AM
  6. MultiMatt's Avatar
    Here is a screenshot of Mobiscope playing the video back from a motion-detected video clip (in Skyfire browser - works better on that browser).

    Something is definitely connected to the Mobiscope emails - nearly every time I attempt to delete one of those emails, I get the force close error with Gmail. Damn...
    06-14-2010 03:22 PM