1. Anubis's Avatar
    I just noticed if i have Wifi on and am connected to wifi i cannot send MMS messages. I think the problem may be when wifi is on and i look at with wireless settings under mobile network it shows it is no longer connected. If i turn wifi off it shows Mobile Network connected.

    If there a setting to make the mobile network stay connected while wifi is on?
    10-10-2009 05:25 PM
  2. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    I get the same problem.
    10-10-2009 07:50 PM
  3. Anubis's Avatar
    I bet most if not all will have the same problem.

    As far as i can tell its not just that wifi is on, its that it's on and connected to a wifi network. If i leave wifi on but go somewhere where theres not a wifi spot to connect to the evdo network comes back on and i can sent picture msg etc.. It clearly needs a fix for this. Probably something they didn't see or check for as i'm guessing this doesn't happen on GSM handsets, probably some different in the way sprints CDMA network handles mms, I'm guessing.

    I hope there is a workaround or a update to fix this soon. I've emailed HTC and sprint support, i suggest you do the same. They probably aren't even aware of the problem yet since the Hero is so new to sprint.
    10-10-2009 10:28 PM
  4. wolf1989#AC's Avatar
    Could it be a CDMA problem? I know you can't send a text while your using the phone.
    10-11-2009 02:14 AM
  5. VDubb22's Avatar
    It's a Sprint problem, not a CDMA issue. Sprint doesn't have a true MMS gateway, they have "Picturemail." Picturemail handles picture/video messaging as standard data, and recently they added in special authentication to identify picturemail vs. other data (since back in the day, if you sent a picturemail and didn't have data, you'd get charge casual data usage). I figure that would have something to do with it.

    - VDubb
    10-11-2009 08:45 AM
  6. Anubis's Avatar
    I forgot that sprint does handle MMS a little differently. Now that you said that i remember on some of my past phones having to put in my login info for picture/video messaging.

    I hope they release a update that fixes this in the near future. Not a giant deal for me but i would like to leave Wifi on 24/7 at home and not miss or be unable to send MMS without turning Wifi on/Off
    10-11-2009 03:35 PM
  7. acipollo's Avatar
    You can txt while on a call with Sprint. You can't send pic mail, though.
    10-23-2009 02:04 PM
  8. ERDude's Avatar
    Sprint does have true MMS, it was implemented last year with the Curve 8330m.

    If the wifi connection is stronger than the network signal the phone will automatically use wifi because of the better connection.
    10-23-2009 04:18 PM
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    Sent From a Galaxy S4 Away
    07-10-2013 04:25 PM