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    For the past two months I have been recording a few short movies with my HTC One and when I was looking at the videos on my PC, I noticed that the frame rate is variable. I initially thought that the video was shot at 30fps but the frame rates are all over the place. For example, in one video the minimum frame rate is 17.004 fps and maximum frame rate is 29.791 fps, as measured by MediaInfo. However, each video's frame rates differ slightly. Additionally, the front facing camera records very choppy video. The frame rates are around 6 fps. Is this normal?

    So why are the frame rates variable and is there any way to get a fixed frame rate locked in? Do all video-capable smartphones have this variable frame rate feature? This is my first smartphone so please forgive me if I sound amateurish.

    Before I forget, I have also been taking some photos in varying light conditions, day and night, and the f-stop on all photos seems to be f/2, without exception. This is also puzzling.

    Thank you everyone for the help.
    02-16-2014 04:42 PM
  2. Darth Mo's Avatar
    I believe in low light conditions the frame rate will slow down to help with exposure in the videos.

    As far as the f-stop always being f/2, the camera has a fixed aperture and fixed focal length so always being f/2 is appropriate.
    02-17-2014 02:39 PM
  3. blue00's Avatar
    I believe in low light conditions the frame rate will slow down to help with exposure in the videos.
    Yes, it seems to be that way. What concerns me is that the video can appear choppy if the frame rate is too low. Why is this variable frame rate only present with smartphones? My mid-range Panasonic camcorder has fixed frame rates, but I guess the complexity of the device is also greater and the lens is not fixed. Are there any smartphones with a fixed frame rate (ie. 24 or 30 fps).

    Thank you for clearing the f-stop question.
    02-17-2014 10:52 PM

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