Why does the s21FE camera videos Frame rate drop so low during low light situation, and how to fix it?


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Nov 28, 2012
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I have an old galaxy s8, and in night videos or low light videos, the frame is about the same as with other lighting conditions, only the picture gets darker, but it's ok since it's low light.
However, on my S21 fe, when i film at night or low light situation, it drops super low and it hurts my head. For example, i was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car and was filming at night, and since there are headlights and lights in front of the car, the frame rate is ok, but when i turned the camera to film my friends in the back seat cabin where it is darker, the frame rate immediately dropped and it was soo bad, i immediately notice it. I read that the cameras lowers the frame rate so try to get more light in, but i honestly don't need it because the video is still so shitty and dark even with the lower frame rate, so i rate the s21 FE try to keep a consistent frame like my galaxy S8 instead. i could do with a darker video. i just need better and consistent frame rates
How to fix this? i don't see anything in the settings

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