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    After running into some messenger problem on my device, I've read that I should power down my device, take out the SIM card and power it on again. Problem is, my power button stopped working ages ago, but I downloaded an app to let me shut it down.

    I followed a guide on how to reboot it without the power button, aka plug it in the USB and hold down the volume down key. This booted my device, but the only things I can do are selecting options like system info, reboot to bootloader, reboot, power down -
    without actually doing them, it seems like I need a working power button to actually select the option to reboot and now I'm stuck without a phone.

    Any suggestions on how I can reboot it?

    I also tried using an older version of ADB to reboot, but my device is not recognized apparently in the command prompt.

    EDIT: Solved it with htc_fastboot, thread can be closed/deleted
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    11-30-2017 01:49 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Glad you figured out a solution. No need to close or delete the thread, since it may be helpful for others in the same situation.
    12-01-2017 12:39 AM

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