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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to root my Htc one m7 so I followed a guide and everything went according to plan and my phone was rooted. I saw that i was reverted back to an older version of sense and i wanted a new ROM. I then deleted my old os and put skydragon onto my internal storage. I went through the installation and at the end it gave me the message 'set_metadata_recursive:some changes failed' and the Status 7 error. I did look into this but all i could find was to upgrade TWRP, which from my knowledge i can't do without using an os (I'm new to this sorry). So if anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jai

    (I'm using TWRP v2.6.3.0 and trying to flash Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on HTC One M7 with SkyDragon Google Play Edition ROM which you can find the tutorial i was following here: How to install Android 5.0.1 on HTC One M7 with fast and smooth SkyDragon Google Play Edition ROM)
    ( I also did not backup my os that i was using before)
    11-23-2015 01:37 AM
  2. Cannonrune 12374's Avatar
    Dont worry guys got it up and running. Can someone close this thread please?
    11-23-2015 02:51 AM

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