1. enots27's Avatar
    Hi all I just got pushed emui 11 today in the UK. Seems to run fine haven't noticed any difference with it yet
    Morty2264 likes this.
    03-11-2021 11:06 AM
  2. Morty2264's Avatar
    That's awesome! I really miss EMUI. So smooth and customizable.
    03-11-2021 08:41 PM
  3. rikken's Avatar
    Got it the 5th. This phone is so fast and fluid throughout the whole UI. I prefer it to my N20U. Also battery and FPS way better than on the Note.
    03-12-2021 02:52 AM
  4. enots27's Avatar
    Still can't find the Celia assistant though

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    03-13-2021 03:07 PM

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