1. TuRtZiLLa's Avatar
    SOOOOO... I rooted my phone, and went to backup my current rom. In recovery all I get a black screen, no status, no nothing!! BUt if i let it sit there it will complete the back, then reboot.

    SO then I downloaded a ROM in RM, then it rebooted and lt it sit there again in the black screen, and ~7 min later it rebooted. And I had the new ROM loaded. I backed that ROM up and the same thing. NO nothing in recovery, just a black screen but the back does complete.

    IS that normal for these phones?? My fascinate and droid always had a display, and menu, and status when ROM were being installed.

    10-15-2010 11:31 AM
  2. thechemE#CB's Avatar
    ive been researching rooting and found out that it is because of the slcd screen. clockworkmod that is used in unrevoked doesn't work with it. I think there was an update according to koush's twitter.

    here is a thread to refer to:

    Koushik Dutta (clockworkmod) on Twitter

    october 13th, 3:20 pm tweet
    10-19-2010 11:29 PM