1. PicomatStudios's Avatar
    We've made our keyboard app free - if you try it out let us know how you get on !
    08-26-2016 06:53 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    08-26-2016 01:04 PM
  3. Mojave's Avatar
    Nice keyboard but to bad it keeps crashing on my S5 with Marshmallow.
    08-27-2016 09:25 PM
  4. akhil8's Avatar
    it shows incompatible with my device.
    08-30-2016 01:20 PM
  5. DivideYourDay's Avatar
    Are you guys actually using machine learning to power the suggestions and to analyze what's being typed, behind the scenes?
    09-11-2016 07:21 PM
  6. Mojave's Avatar
    Would really like to use this keyboard.....BUT.......everytime I try to use your theme designer to add a photo from my gallery to use as the keyboard background.....your app crashes.
    09-11-2016 08:25 PM
  7. PicomatStudios's Avatar
    We've fixed a couple of issues on S5 and a couple of other 128MB heap devices - worth updating and trying again.
    Due to the nature of the app it plays quite close to memory limits per device, so we've tuned it down slightly.
    09-13-2016 10:04 PM
  8. PicomatStudios's Avatar
    Hi - yes we adapt the dictionaries over time based on typing. It learns reasonably slowly which works better long-term.
    09-13-2016 10:05 PM
  9. 2 day's Avatar
    06-23-2017 11:34 AM
  10. 2 day's Avatar
    06-23-2017 11:34 AM
  11. 2 day's Avatar
    06-23-2017 11:34 AM
  12. Apple Jam's Avatar
    06-27-2017 06:58 AM
  13. PoSeiDonTeam's Avatar
    07-30-2017 06:43 AM
  14. PoSeiDonTeam's Avatar
    Cool app*
    07-30-2017 06:44 AM
  15. PicomatStudios's Avatar
    A couple of improvements in the latest version - we have some experimental larger (XL) language packs in beta which predict using a bit more context... If you try them please let us know how you go !
    09-05-2017 05:18 AM
  16. BekkHossam's Avatar
    Thank you very mucheee ☺
    10-13-2017 07:20 AM

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