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    Hello, hopefully someone can help me out. I am following a YouTube guide for installing Backtrack 5 on my Android 4.2 device. (ASUS MeMO Pad HD7) ( ) However, when I get to the terminal commands, I am getting one of two errors depending on my command I am typing in.

    If I use the command cd /sdcard/BT5 , I get a "No such file or directory" error. If I try another way from a suggestion on a different post of a cd /"sd card"/BT5 , I get a "sh: cd: bad substitution"

    I have attached a screenshot of the combinations and exact commands I have tried. Hopefully this will answer any questions you have.

    I have a feeling, that I am missing something important, but I am very unfamiliar with Linux/Unix commands as I work in a Windows environment. I have mounted the SD card to my workstation, and I can see a folder right off the root of the card called "BT5" just as instructed. I do have super user privileges, and I have tested the root with Root Checker Free. Again, I am sure I have done or not done something stupid, and I am going to be pretty embarrassed when someone points it out to me. And, no before anyone asks I am not trying to maliciously hack anything. I work in networking, and need a portable penetration testing device to persuade customers to switch to hardened gateways or to patch security vulnerabilities. I also think that having something I can walk in with and show them will illustrate my point far more than bringing in a laptop for the same reason. It also has networking forensics I can work with in case of a breach.

    Anyway, I would appreciate someone answering my question for me.
    Attached Thumbnails Can anyone help me out? Not bad at software, just new to Android.-screenshot_2013-10-16-13-56-37.jpg  
    10-16-2013 02:03 PM

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