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    A week ago, I explained in this forum how I accidently ran head long into a way that removes Touchwiz, Mobile ID and the Virgin Mobile Essentials pack without having to root your phone. Although they appear to be separate packages, they nontheless, are locked together in the same malware box, that attacks your phone. Allowing any one of these to load, loads them all.

    Apparently many of the programs along with their icons and sub-menus are also poisioned as well. So care must taken, so as to avoid starting the attacks again. As far as I have been able to assertain, (at least a week into the ordeal) that manually stopping the server from talking to the phone immediately on the restart after a clean manufactures re-install, was key to having this work. Along with many....many home key taps. This attack of the malware was without a doubt and very specifically the work of SamSung which was using the carriers phone bandwidth to carry the attack. Please read my first post this past week to see what had transpired, as I don't want bore you with all those details this time around.

    For those of you who like your touchwiz interface, please forgive my indulgence into attempting to help those who apparently do not share your views on the matter. Also, I have no desire in get a fret over definitons of what constitues malware or not. Just that, by chance we've now been given a choice on something, where we had non prior. I would like to believe that the same procedures found here, may also work against any of the other carriers version of touchwiz or simular offerings that force software rape upon us, and that is "US" as in their customers. Perhaps (I would like to believe) that even other practicalities maybe down the road, if God as willing. As, I said in my first post last week, I have no doubt, that SamSung even now is working on some workaround to stop this. So time may be short for anyone who can use this to thier advantage. I do so wish you guys the very best of luck.........Thanks! and ......... Tiddles!
    10-17-2013 02:10 PM

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