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    If you have a number, say 555-555-5555 and you name it Hollywood in your contacts, then whenever you call that contact or they call you it shows "Hollywood" in your recent calls/messages list. That's standard in every OS since the dawn of man.

    BUT- if Hollywood has a phone tree that has you adding some waits and pauses, for example to speak to an agent, you would store the contact something like this: 555-555-5555,,2,1 (4 second pause, dial 2, 2 second pause, dial 1).

    It works just like it should, except when you hang up or come back to recent calls screen, it doesn't say that you called Hollywood, it says you called 555-555-5555. It doesn't recognize and match the number to the contact because of the waits and pauses. This is extremely annoying when you are calling your contacts with extensions, but your recent calls screen looks like a bunch of foreign numbers...

    Any help?
    10-26-2014 12:58 AM

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