1. LeSaint's Avatar
    When I try to sign in on Android Device Manager on my Nexus 5, I get "an error occured, please try again" with a red exclamation point in the password case after entering my password.
    When I sign on a web browser or even as a guest on the application, it's working.
    I have 2-step verification, but when I generate an app password, it doesn't work either.
    Any idea?
    04-29-2015 03:21 PM
  2. Ricoramirez's Avatar
    The same thing is happening to me in my Galaxy S5.
    04-29-2015 04:49 PM
  3. Yannick Charron's Avatar
    Did you find a fix for your problem? Today the same thing happened to me and it use to work fine... Thanks!
    05-26-2016 05:03 PM
  4. Huskies4all's Avatar
    Same problem, brand new LG V10. Any luck fixing it? I've tried clearing the cache, & uninstall/reinstall with no results.
    05-27-2016 09:00 PM
  5. KatzinAZ's Avatar
    Same problem on both my S7 Edge, as well as my husband's. Tried installing/logging in today for the first time. Any one have a solution or workaround for this? Sure seems like it has been around for quite some time now.
    05-28-2016 06:44 PM
  6. Samson Luk's Avatar
    Same here Nexus 6
    05-28-2016 07:48 PM
  7. Cybrneil's Avatar
    Same here Nexus 6
    06-02-2016 12:31 AM
  8. Cybrneil's Avatar
    This is happening to me also when it worked fine yesterday??
    06-02-2016 12:32 AM
  9. Curb71's Avatar
    Log in as a guest.
    06-02-2016 02:25 AM

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