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    Once upon a time I used to believe Apple was superior to Android in terms of hardware+software optimization. But what Apple supporters seldom acknowledge is that older iDevices keep getting new iOS version features omitted in the name of what Apple claims is "ensuring the best experience". So let's take a closer look at a recent example of that.

    Here we are just a mere 19 months after the ipad Air 1 was released and they've already pulled capabilities for iOS 9 in the name of "providing the best experience because we Scrooge on RAM". I'm referring to one of the best features for iPads coming in iOS 9, split screen multitasking. Meanwhile I'm running 5.11 on an equally old Nexus 7 and it's running faster than it did at release with zero features omitted. For a 3rd of the cost. That sounds to me like poor optimization and Apple waiting so long to give up their idiotic love affair with 1GB of RAM on the Air1.

    I can hardly wait to see how impressed $900 iPhone 6+ owners with their 1GB of RAM are going to be when iOS 10 arrives in a gimped down version of it for them. And mark my words, it'll happen. It'll happen because the feature war between Android and iOS is on, and Apple will not be able to power complex new code on iPhone 6's spartan RAM. Apple has long defended their refusal to surpass 1GB of RAM with claims that their optimization and CPU's don't require it, yet here we are being told that they obviously do.
    06-16-2015 05:09 PM
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    I agree, but let's give Apple credit. They do have A LOT less issues with compatibility. Freedom of Android choice comes at a price of having to manage hundreds of different versions of the OS, thanks to manufacturers tinkering with Google's already buggy code, failing to have minor updates in time, and adding carrier modifications and additions to the mix. You can ask any developer how frustrating it can be to track and squash a bug when your app works perfectly on Device A on carrier A, and then it goes haywire on the same Device A but on carrier B's version.

    Even so, I'm still very happy with Android and even not being on top of updates (I don't own a Nexus, and probably never will, quite happy with the Note line).
    06-16-2015 05:26 PM

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