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    3 questions, all about the 7.0 update.
    1. Can I un-bundle them, or increase how often it checks so I can still get them one at a time? I've been lost navigating this new settings menu for weeks. It's overly frustrating. I really prefer the tabs. I've found a ton of praise about the new bundling, but I personally find it more time consuming, and less thorough. This bundle notification should be a setting, is it?

    I liked handling my emails one at a time as they come in. Now I get 20 emails and I have to go turn on my pc and take more time to properly address them, or I end up just swiping them away not noticing it was bundled with others, which accumulates even more and makes me miss important emails. Before I would get one, and read it, and handle it, and move on with my life, very efficiently, without interrupting what I was doing. My notifications appear to wait till I have a bunch now. And if I don't get a bunch in a set time, I don't seem to get a notification at all. What are my options here?

    2. When my screen is locked, and a notification wakes it, I need about 10 seconds, but it is set to 6 I think. Can I change that? I end up turning it back on 2 or 3 times just to finish reading and then swiping or addressing the notification. Which may be part of why my battery dies every day now, where it never even got close to dying before this update.

    Information about my phones:
    I have a Note 5 and the wife has a S7. She was forced this new update before me and warned me how awful it was. We have identical issues. Notifications and battery life are just the biggest issues that are kind of making the phones unbearable to deal with. Neither of us have master reset our phones (most likely because it seems our issues are actually the intended operation for the most part, nor should we have to) or done anything else except for look for settings to fix our issues or undesired operation.

    3. "No location access" notifies me of this a billion times a day. I don't want the settings on. There was no don't ask me again check box. Is there another way to stop it. It even interrupts me while using apps like writing emails, randomly. I guess I'll just turn them on so I don't throw the phone out the f'n window while I'm driving and it keeps popping up interrupting my music.

    On a side note, to whom it may concern: As a lifetime defender of Android, jokingly bashing anyone friends and family that didn't use it, as an I"diot"-phone user, I can no longer even attempt to defend Android after this update, and can only hope for another option in the future. One good thing is we spend way less time on our phones than we did before, but unfortunately causes us to go back to the days of catch up on the computer.
    05-19-2017 02:54 PM

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