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    I have a verizon LG G2 and I suddenly started getting text messages from Verizon that I was exceeding my data plan and I was being charged $15 per gig added. I thought the messages were just promotional data nonsense so when I finally read the whole message which had come through for the 6th time within a couple days that is of course when I panicked and began shutting down apps and deleting any potential threats until in desperation I had my son drive 45 mins to my home and he discovered all the additional unexplained data usage was coming from Google+ background use.

    Verizon says the cannot refund me right away but I must pay for the usage and they will credit me $15 a month until I get it back but i'm a private person not a business or corporation the extra money I have to pay out in one lump sum hurt my little old lady purse.

    Anyway does anyone have any idea what the hell G+ was doing using all that background data with permission or warning as far as i'm concerned! Sorry about all the potential unnecessary details but i'm very upset And thanks for any input!
    01-09-2016 01:40 PM
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    My first thought is Google Photos backing up your pictures, but I'm not going to swear on it.

    Hopefully, this bump of your thread will get you some more competent help!

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    01-09-2016 03:39 PM

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