1. Steve Tate's Avatar
    New G3 owner here, but not new to smartphones of all types. Coming to this phone from a Windows HTC8X. When I'm on bluetooth and most likely in my car, how do I get the phone to read me the texts that I get and allow me to reply to them? I'd like to be hands free as much as possible when I'm in the car. People get killed trying to read and reply to texts while driving, believe it or not.

    Anyway, if the phone could read emails and allow me to reply back over BT, that would be awesome too!
    08-15-2014 12:55 PM
  2. tech_head's Avatar
    Try Voicemate that comes on the phone.
    08-15-2014 05:32 PM
  3. Steve Tate's Avatar
    Found it... Thanks!
    08-15-2014 06:12 PM
  4. mhunter6378's Avatar
    I don't have Voicemate or I'm blind. Where am I looking? This is a VZ phone, btw... I've got it rooted, but can't find this Voicemate you speak of?
    From any screen, swipe up over your home key and to the left is Voice Mate. An alternative is an app called Robin https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=IvD07iAv
    08-15-2014 06:18 PM

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