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    How do I get rid of (or keep from popping up) the annoying End Call Summary (see pic below)? The popup come up every time a call ends, PLUS, every time I get a call. I've deselected "notifications" of every app I can think of that might be remotely related to incoming/outgoing calls, but the summary still come up. Please help if you can, or offer me suggestions on what else I might be able to do.

    My phone: LG G6 (verizon), current update 8/7/2017.

    Help - How to Rid/Remove End "Call Summary" LG G6 verizon-annoying-end-call-summary.jpg
    11-30-2017 01:33 PM
  2. howdycake's Avatar
    SOLVED: The app that was giving me so much grief was the "Flashlight" app. I've since uninstalled it and problem solved. Credit goes to "tmck89" for identifying the problem app and solving my problem.

    11-30-2017 04:21 PM

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