1. nbx909's Avatar
    Anyone else have this issue? It corresponds with the change in DST.
    01-10-2011 12:31 PM
  2. sparkymotion's Avatar
    Yeah, me. I'm wondering if this will fix itself on Sunday morning after DST goes into effect. Hmmm... ?
    03-10-2011 11:49 AM
  3. cmags's Avatar
    I've got about half a dozen weekly meetings repeating on my calendar, but strangely enough only half of them show the issue. The others are showing just fine... Very strange indeed.
    03-10-2011 01:52 PM
  4. debh945's Avatar
    I can report that I had this issue but it resolved itself at 2am for me this morning.
    03-13-2011 03:27 AM
  5. mgrdan's Avatar
    At one time I had the "automatic" setting under phone settings / date time. Once checked, it disappeared.

    Two steps to fix:
    - Phone settings / about phone / update profile (this fixed most settings)
    - reboot phone (this fixed other settings)
    03-13-2011 04:44 AM
  6. thekraven's Avatar
    Mine was not adjusting. A power off and a battery pull fixed mine.
    03-13-2011 05:00 AM
  7. roban's Avatar
    I can report that I had this issue but it resolved itself at 2am for me this morning.
    Yep same here.
    03-13-2011 05:26 AM
  8. trekkie1701c's Avatar
    Had the issue myself; seems my work schedule got pushed an hour in the future.

    Notice also Google closed the issue; I know it might only happen twice a year, but what if I'd needed to work early today? I'd have missed it. Already woke up an hour late because the phone's time didn't change until I rebooted it
    03-13-2011 08:21 AM
  9. EmailGuy's Avatar
    My wife just got the Optimus S yesterday and she has an issue where all day events from her Exchange calendar show up from 11 PM one day to 11 PM the next day. This sounds likethe same issue. Does anyone have a fix for this?

    The appoimtments look fine in Outlook.

    I can't see how to change the time and date settings. They appear to be set automatically by Sprint and there is no way to change it.
    03-19-2011 08:56 AM
  10. sunlakes44a's Avatar
    As of 3/13, I still have the problem which is very annoying!
    Anyone know of a fix?
    03-13-2013 11:01 AM
  11. pstinger's Avatar
    This issues has cropped up recently for me, but only with recurring events. The times are correct in Outlook, but on my phone (using the built-in Exchange account on a Nexus 6) some of these recurring series are shifted earlier by an hour.

    Any thoughts?
    01-12-2016 10:34 AM