1. mwake4goten's Avatar
    A long time HTC user but finally ready to jump ship because they jumped off the 3.5mm ship.

    The two phones that peak my interest are the LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

    My main areas of importance are battery endurance and sound quality. I know the LG V30 is far superior with sound and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ better at battery life but I wanted to get some real world advice from people who have experienced both phones.

    How good is the V30s battery endurance especially with medium to heavy ussge, for example streaming, games, web browsing and camera play. I have the HTC10 at the moment and I would get about 2 hours of if I engaged in streaming, games, web browsing and camera play is this less or more than with V30? I appreciate hearing on these issues advance thanks!
    06-24-2018 12:42 PM
  2. rfan8312's Avatar
    With battery saver on and medium use I get home after 12 hours with 50-70% battery on v30.

    I'm a long time Samsung user and find all their batteries were atrocious, although I liked everything else.

    With Samsung products I need a car charger and wall outlet charger everywhere I went. With v30 I just top up the battery on car rides and forget it.

    Sometimes I need to charge up at home but rarely and I don't look at battery anymore.
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    06-24-2018 03:02 PM
  3. vasekvi's Avatar
    The 845 is going to be more efficient than the 835, but the V30 still has quite good battery life. The one thing that I really wish the V30 had that the S9 has is the capability to record 4k 60fps.

    On the flip side, the V30 had concert mode, which automatically uses the earpiece as mic when it gets really loud for video recording, and it makes a huge difference in the audio quality of the video. I've been to concerts and festival and even standing right next to the speakers, not only does the bass not distort, but the playback quality of the sound is excellent.

    The two other things that I see as major advantages for the V30 are the wide angle camera and the 2 year warranty. Once you use that second camera to your advantage it's hard to pick up a phone that doesn't. I used my friends S8 to record video and I couldn't stand not having a wide angle lens. It felt limiting and claustrophobic. And that second year warranty, most people don't even consider that but unless you get a new phone every single year, having that coverage is extremely valuable.
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    06-24-2018 03:17 PM
  4. DFranch's Avatar
    V30 has great battery life. Samsung tends to have rather schizophrenic battery life. Good one day, awful the next, restart once a week to fix battery drain issues. I haven't been very impressed with the battery life on the 845. It seems like the average battery life actually went down with the 845 not up. I'd take my V30 any day, I regularly get 2 days with it.
    06-25-2018 07:38 AM
  5. Lambertoid's Avatar
    this phone honestly does everything great except selfies in low light. other than that for the price on sprints lease plan I picked it up. The battery is also great
    06-26-2018 02:39 PM
  6. rfan8312's Avatar
    Aside from the camera, which for me takes pictures slightly worse than the ones in the quote below, I wouldn't trade this phone for anything else I've tried on the market atm.

    I bought this phone last year and i'm disappointed with its low quality of camera.The LG camera app applies a weird anti noise filter on every photo makes them smudgy. Installing Google Camera.apk made it lot better you can clearly see differences. Forget to add zoom level is same in both photosAttachment 285123
    06-26-2018 03:05 PM

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