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    I'm not responsible if u break it computer do this at ur own risk
    Ok are you completly new to linux and just wanna try it out??
    Well I have a solution
    This is not a permanate install this is to try
    things needed
    Usb drive or micro sdcard reader (not adapter) will post pic at least 2gigs more gigsvthe better I use 8
    Wi fi connection
    1. Download unetbootin
    2. Download a distro of your choice(I recommend ubuntu)
    3.wait open a soda and watch tv cuz its gonna take forever to download
    4. When its done open unetbootin
    5.grant elevated permissions if it asks
    6. Click the bubble closest to bottom
    7. Set file to. ISO
    8. Load image
    9. Plug the thing in you want to install it on
    10. Select drive
    11. Check and make sure box in bottom left corner says usb something
    12. Click next and let it install.
    13.for some its slow for some its fast (took 27 minutes for me)
    14. It says reboot now or exit hit exit
    15. Shut down computer (buh bye windows)
    16. Enter bios menu
    17. Change the boot order so it boots off of usb
    18. Make sure usb pluged in
    19.save changes
    20. Boot into ubuntu click try (NOT INSTALL)
    21. Profit

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    07-12-2012 08:17 PM
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    Thanks for sharing, but the thread title is misleading as nothing ever gets "installed".
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    08-24-2012 12:39 PM
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    Thanks for sharing, but the thread title is misleading as nothing ever gets "installed".
    I agree...

    Also with ubuntu use the webui app it lets u install/uninstall right along side windows without the need for a usb makeing duel booting a snap
    Also if u plan on useing the android sdk you might want allocate at least 20gigs of hd
    You could prob go with less depends on what you wanna do
    (Im a completion nerd i dl the sdk and All the packages(just in case))

    I like ubuntu :thumbup:

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    10-01-2012 11:24 AM