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    Where is my phone ? how many times did you say That ? This is why" Find your phone ", this application
    Allows you to find your phone by sending a secret code via SMS to your number and it will get back to you
    With the location so you can know exactly where is it via Google maps , ok ... if anyone replace the SIM with another ? Find your phone handles this usual case by sending SMS to the list of numbers you predefined in the application and notifies you that the SIM was changed and shows you the new location of the phone .

    Its so simple to handle by check the short menu that appears in the main page

    Secret code is the idea of the application , you set this code to use it when you want to find you phone

    The phone location will send to you by list of nymbers you predefined before in the application .

    Find your phone Support English ,Spanish ,Arabic ,French ,Hebrew and Chines.

    07-24-2011 07:48 AM