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    Or anyone... (back in 2010 the forum ran a Droid/Pre review by Palm OS experts Craig Frohle and Don Fergeson). Am still trying to find an Android equivalent to my old Palm Treo tiered MEMO function, with the ability to sync to Mac based desktop software - although Palm never came up with a usable Mac version of PalmOS. Though dated, the old Palm OS on my PC allowed me to do a lot of data entry easily on my laptop keyboard, as well as on the Treo. Syncing the two also provided a good back up; with push one button on the charging dock type simplicity.

    Have been using Gmail contacts and calender with my new Samsung Captivate, (tho' can still only get calender to sync one way: computer to phone) but sure miss the ease of pushing one button on my old Treo 680, to access a Memo function with 3 levels of "folders": First level was user defined categories, opening onto unlimited entries (or sub-folders), each with an unlimited list (folder) below it.

    Over the years, I have accumulated hundreds of these notes and shopping lists in this easily accessible "file cabinet". Still trying to get them onto a simply accessed Android counterpart, ideally with the ability to sync to a computer, preferably my Macbook Pro, and use computer for alternate data entry. Any suggestions?
    03-27-2011 04:22 PM