Able to restore memos from Memo app in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ after factory reset?

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Good day. I'd like to know and possibly get help from the experts on how to recover my memos (very important lecture notes I jotted down in detail with photos) using this app (not the S Memo/Samsung Memo)
--> memo h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c o m/D7Be1pe(image url)
I recently switched from Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ to OnePlus 7T and used OnePlus switch to transfer my files. I completely forgot about my notes on Memo and factory reset my old phone (Samsung) before checking it on my new phone, the switch did not transfer the memos! Now I'm in a dilemma on how to restore them. I rooted my phone just recently by learning via the internet. My last back up was on November 18 [but restoring it just won't work, only the memos backed up on 2017 were restored.]
Backup url: h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c o m /d8qOyPm
I factory reset the phone after a few days but just realized it this December; my sister has been using my old phone since then.

Things I did to try to resolve the problem:
1. I tried signing in my samsung cloud account in my S6 Edge+and restored documents and Apps only (I don't need the photos/videos/etc. since it has been transferred through OnePlus Switch) and upon checking, only some of the memos were retrieved (earlier notes created). I noticed that in Settings>Samsung Account>Other Synced Data, the Memo app (last synced 11/18/19) includes 44 files but sized xx kb only - but after restoring, the Memo recovered 22 files only and the latest one was modified last May 2017 and I'm pretty sure, the notes I'm trying to restore is xxx kb each bec. I reached max. photos available in each lecture. Maybe the Memo app didn't sync automatically or wasn't included in the backup?
Backup url: h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c o m /d8qOyPm

2. After rooting my S6 Edge+ using Odin and SuperSU, I tried FoneDog toolkit, FoneLab, dr.Fone, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android, highly-rated recovery apps from Google Playstore but didn't recover any Memos... It's because they only recover the following Recovery app url: h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c o m /x914OMU--- on checking the Documents part I didn't see any .memo or any file that may seem like a memo, only the word/text files that were on my Documents storage folder before.

I learned that the memo's storage are located here Memo Folder url: h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c o m /AubDEUQ
but their file type is .memo and when changed in to .zip you can get the .xml file but if you open it through notepad, the notes are a mess with codes and stuff and obviously without the photos. But the restored memos were not found here at all!

Now, is there any possible way to retrieve all folders & its contents (literally all the folders that show up when you open your phone's internal storage on pc e.g. Android, Media, Documents, ShareMemo, etc.) including the hidden files and folder that may contain the backed up memos?
Folders url: h t t p s : / / i m g u r . c om/e4NkLLz

Hoping for a detailed and effective way to solve this, I'm no IT or developer but I follow instructions well. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 7, 2013
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Have you contacted the developer to see if they can help you with what folder is used for storing the memos written in their app? That would be step #1, rather than guessing.

Second - there are a lot of linked files/images there, and knowing what some OTHER uses of imgur are, I'm definitely NOT opening them at work. I suggest you join us as a member, then you can post screenshots directly in your post, uploaded to the forum software rather than hosted on another site and linked.

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Jun 26, 2019
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.memo files can only be opened using the appropriate app. Trying recovery software and rooting wipes storage. Things like DrFone etc should be avoided at all costs.

With so many wipes your files will be long gone.

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