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    There are literally dozens of threads on not being able to update apps that are on (or have ever been on) the SD card. Most of these threads deal with the Evo, but also some with other phones as well. The solution to the problem in most cases is to hook the phone up to a computer (putting it in disk drive mode) then open up the ".android_secure" folder and deleting the file titled: "smdl2tmp1.asec."

    The question raised in a number of the threads is how did this happen and would it come back. Well the answer to #2 is yes, it can come back, just did to me.

    Here's how it happend:

    -Got the standard notice that updates are available.
    -Went to the marketplace, to my apps, and hit "update all"
    -while updates were showing as being downloaded, tapped on one of them to see what the update might be about -- got a blank screen and then it said server unavailable.
    -went back to the "my app" screen and it was still showing that it was updating
    -then the evo reset itself
    -when it came back, the updates were all paused. everything on the evo was running real slow so I turned it off and back on again.
    -this time when came back on, it showed the apps were updating/downloading but then got the "failed to update" error message.
    -Hooked it up to the computer and, sure enough, the 'smdl2tmp1.asec' file in ".android_secure" folder was back.
    -Deleted smdl2tmp1.asec and then the updates went fine.

    So, it appears that if something goes wrong while a download/update is taking place that may be what creates the bad file in the first place that prevents updating the apps.
    05-12-2011 02:51 PM