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    I bought two Tylt Vu Wireless Chargers during Christmas because I wanted one and I was planning on giving the other one to my Dad once he upgraded his phone.

    I use my Tylt Vu for my Droid Maxx and my Nexus 7 and I love it. My Dad, by contrast, chose a Samsung Mega 6.3 as his next phone and it does not come with Wireless Charging and it didn't look like there was an easy way to add it.

    The Tylt Vu is brand new and comes in an unopened box. I'm selling the Vu for $60 and will include FREE SHIPPING to any U.S. Postal Address - it will be shipped Priority Mail and I'll provide the buyer with the Tracking Number. I'd like to use Pay Pal or Google Wallet for payment. (I'd really lie to use Google Wallet since I've never used it to receive money but I'll use whichever method the purchaser prefers.)

    Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions and I'll update this ad when the Tylt Vu is sold.

    Tylt Vu Wireless Qi Charger - New in unopened box -  with FREE SHIPPING-img_20140123_141142747_hdr.jpg
    01-23-2014 03:25 PM
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    01-26-2014 09:15 PM

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