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    I want to root a Kyocera Rise (C5155). The problem is that I cannot get any windows computer (XP, 7 or 8) to recognize the phone, with or without the proper drivers. I have tried 3 different windows machines, including a brand new Acer laptop. I have tried rebooting the computers and the phone, using different cables, trying different USB Ports even factory resetting the phone. I plug it in and it simply charges. There is no notification about USB debugging (which is turned on) or anything.
    However, the phone behaves as it should when plugged into my friend's Mac. The notification about USB debugging appears, and the phone prompts me to choose between Mass Storage, charge only or media transfer. I wonder why it won't behave this way when connected to a computer running windows... I even tried to manually root it using adb, but the Android sdk is unsupported by Mac OS X 10.4.11.
    I simply need to know if there is a way to root this phone using an older Mac, or without using a computer at all. I am beginning to think I am destined to be rootless on this phone. Perhaps it has some unseen defect...
    - emkeene
    01-28-2013 08:23 PM
  2. daffy_duck_nj's Avatar
    To prevent this problem from happening in the future, on the home screen, hit the Menu button. Then go to System Settings > PC Connection > Default connection type. Select Mass Storage. That setting should stick. For a Windows PC, you might need to install the drivers from Kyocera. I can't say more about that, as the only PC I stick my Rise into at the moment is my ASUS laptop at home, which has the Kyocera drivers.

    You can get them here: Kyocera Wireless Support: Phone Drivers

    Scroll to Rise C5155, and get either the 32 bit or 64 bit version. The 64 bit is marked for Sprint, but it will work with phones from Virgin Mobile and Public Mobile. There's also a installation guide if you need it.

    If none of that works, I hope you can still exchange your phone without much trouble.
    01-31-2013 12:19 PM

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