1. bdrakr's Avatar
    This has been occurring every time I try to send a picture through mms. I recently activated the developer options but have turned it off and on...powered my device off. Cold reboot...data on plan is good... Don't know what it is. Any advice?

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    11-13-2013 09:54 AM
  2. bdrakr's Avatar
    Still no luck.

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    11-13-2013 11:55 AM
  3. Tom in Bristol's Avatar
    First question...are you coming from an iPhone? Lots of threads on this and other forums re the mess signing out of iMessaging first and maybe even having any iFriends re-add you to their Contacts, etc.
    11-13-2013 11:59 AM
  4. bdrakr's Avatar
    I am coming from iPhone... Is there a link to these posts?

    Though I didn't transfer any contacts changed carriers and got a new number. Don't know what applies.

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    11-13-2013 12:04 PM

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