1. alexis's Avatar
    I just bought a Droid 3, and I was thinking this could be pretty good - it has "Locate and Alarm", "Lock" and "Wipe" features remotely.

    Reading some more - wipe doesn't apply to data, and lock doesn't lock or protect moveable memory (I haven't figured out what moveable vs. non-moveable memory is).

    Does anyone here use that service? Is it a hassle, or a great idea?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Edited - here is the website, for more info: www.mymobilerecovery.com .
    07-15-2011 08:29 AM
  2. akronevan2's Avatar
    Never heard of it till now...
    07-15-2011 08:51 AM
  3. alexis's Avatar
    Never heard of it till now...
    I just edited my OP to put a contact in there for more info.

    I'm always hesitant/skeptical to sign up for these things, but I like the IDEA of it ...
    07-15-2011 08:57 AM