1. dmark44's Avatar
    This was really handy to check out.
    Laura Knotek likes this.
    10-29-2015 12:07 PM
  2. Ry's Avatar
    10-29-2015 12:16 PM
  3. shadowsjc's Avatar
    i saw that at one of the NYC stores earlier today. Do they have it at every location? Agree that it was pretty handy
    10-29-2015 12:35 PM
  4. benjamminh's Avatar
    There was one at a corporate store in Richmond, VA.
    10-29-2015 01:44 PM
  5. YAYTech's Avatar
    I didn't notice one at the store in Idaho Falls, ID, but I might've overlooked it. Wish they had a green option.
    10-29-2015 02:21 PM
  6. PowrDroid's Avatar
    Saw that today as well. What a great tool for selecting your custom colors.
    dmark44 likes this.
    10-29-2015 05:03 PM
  7. sharkita's Avatar
    This was really handy to check out. https://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10...4779246cb4.jpg
    Love it!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-30-2015 09:36 PM

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