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    I'm a newbie and hope that this hasn't been covered before. (I've searched and couldn't find the answer so far.)

    I'm not sure, but as I understand it, when I backup (and wipe) data in ROM manager I'm creating a complete backup - the same thing - as a "Nandroid" backup that I keep hearing about. On the other hand a Titanium backup is more for the individual settings and app placement ect. So it's a good idea to use them both unless you mind going back through your phone and setting everything back up manually.

    So if I get this right, the backup done inside ROM manager is the absolute most important one to do, but it's also a good idea to use Titanium as well to save time.

    A clockwork backup, and a Nandroid backup, are the same thing. They give a complete backup on the device and all it's programs, (all or nothing) and they are handled simply by using ROM manager and backing up through it.

    Here is my question: Did I get this right? If not would someone more knowledgeable chime in and straiten me out and maybe suggest the steps I should take before installing or upgrading to a new ROM?

    12-21-2010 03:44 PM
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    a nandroid is basically a save state on your phone. lets say you make a nandroid of a stock image on your phone, and then you decide to flash a new rom. and lets say you dont like the new rom. the nandroid allows you to flash back to that stock image, as if you had never applied that rom. you use nandroids to either easily get back to stock (if you needed to apply an OTA update, for example), and to cover yourself in case you flash something on your device that you dont like/doesnt work

    before flashing a new rom, you should ALWAYS make a nandroid backup. titanium is helpful for restoring all your apps on your device after a wipe, but it isnt a necessary step. i use it though whenever i flash a new rom just so i dont lose data from other apps, like high scores in games
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    12-21-2010 06:52 PM
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    Rom manager and Nandroid will save an absolute copy of everything. Think of it like a system restore for Windows. It takes a snapshot of your system including (kernal, programs, settings, everything). Nandroid is more of a native function where as Rom Manager has a lot more features and control over names of backups, organizing old backups, etc.

    Titanium is more for saving and restoring pieces of your setup. You can save and restore applications, and all sorts of settings. This would be to bring things from one rom to another. If you wanted to go from stock to a custom rom, once you loaded it, you could recover all your programs and most of your settings, rather than reloading everything.
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    12-22-2010 03:41 PM
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    Thanks; really helpful, clear, and complete.

    .... learning more about all of this one tiny piece at a time
    12-23-2010 10:47 AM