1. sniffs's Avatar
    So.. apparently, my Droid is keeping text messages FOREVER.

    At first I noticed it was cleaning them out, it was set at "200" so I was like..well thats not enough, and put them to 400..

    well.. problem is, it's gone WAY over 400. My chick, we have almost 3000 text messages just from her alone!

    I noticed now that sometimes i'm sending 2x messages, messages get delayed or lagged or I have to resend.. I dont want to set it back down to 200.. =(

    got some juicy texts
    02-11-2010 10:26 AM
  2. Flyguide83's Avatar
    so back them up
    02-11-2010 12:33 PM
  3. ericatomars06's Avatar
    Mine is over but only from the pictures. I know it saves the pictures but I havent really paid attention to my texts
    02-11-2010 02:59 PM