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    Before I get flamed or eaten up by people who I have so inconvenienced their day by creating a question that has been asked before, I have searched for this, and without success, as I believe my problem is different.

    I own an Optimus V. The phone is rooted with Gingerbreak 1.2, but it has no custom ROM installed onto it at all. I had the CM ROM manager, but that was it.

    I wanted to factory reset my phone because I was having texting issues, so first thought to mind, lemme just go ahead and reset it. #stupid

    Now, the LG logo flashes, fades away and then I am stuck at a black screen (the LCD is still on) and it doesn't go away. I have tried holding home button + volume down + lock button, and home button + volume up + lock button, and even when I press the camera button it occasionally turns on and off. All of the threads here about this issue are all from phones that had custom ROMs flashed onto them, and are all about getting the recovery onto the SD card and installing your ROM off the card.

    I don't want that. I just want my phone to turn on again after its reset...

    Please help

    Note: If this means anything, I received a replacement phone after September first due to a past issue, so I'm not sure if it has the newer screen or not. Also, I might have put recovery from Clockwork Mod. I'm not sure though, but as stated before, I have not installed any custom ROM to this phone.

    I factory reset this phone a few months ago while rooted with the same options (although I didn't have the CM ROM manager...)
    02-27-2012 11:39 PM
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    First mistake, don't ever use the phones factory reset once you install a custom recovery.

    Second mistake, don't use rom manager. Here is a thread on fixing your factory reset. And the recovery key combo is hold volume down + home + power.


    Next use these methods to install recovery and roms


    Good luck

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    02-28-2012 12:08 AM
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    Thanks! Except there's one (big) problem...my computer isn't recognizing my phone.

    What should I do?
    02-28-2012 12:20 AM
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    Thanks! Except there's one (big) problem...my computer isn't recognizing my phone.

    What should I do?
    Umm, maybe this is a stupid question, but have you installed the phone drivers from LG's website?
    02-29-2012 11:07 PM
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    thanks. for the fix.
    08-26-2013 09:53 PM
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    thanks. for the fix.
    Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you got your phone fixed. please try not to bring back threads over a year old just to say thanks though.

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    08-26-2013 11:56 PM