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    i was poking around over at androidforums.com and found this thread its a windows / linux program that sends commands to the phone threw adb. for more details check out the linked thread. looks like a really handy utility for any flashaholic (like me). definitely worth checking out.
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    04-08-2012 01:33 PM
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    For a better description of what this is i've quoted nijel's first post.

    ... here it is...

    You know this program already I guess QtADB. Last year the author made it open source, so I took a look and changed some things I didn't like, fixed most of the bugs(I believe) and added some new useful features:

    What is different from current official build 0.8.1:
    Files Page:
    -double click on phone file (both panes) opens file in PC with the associated program for that extension with option to edit the file and save it back to phone;
    -added "Properties" in phone files/folders right click context menu with permissions changing capabilities;
    -switching left pane between PC/phone files now remembers last folder view for both;
    -left paths combo box now works for phone files too when switching left pane to phone files;
    Apps Page:
    -major speedup displaying apps after the initial first run when apps info is collected;
    -fixed all functions, now all buttons and actions works as they should;
    -now you can backup and restore apps and data to any folder on /sdcard or PC, set backup folder location in Settings first;
    -option added to Backups context menu to add app/data if missing from existing previous backup;

    New CWM Page replaces current Recovery Page if CWM Recovery is installed on phone and detected. If CWM Recovery is not detected, the current Recovery Page is used. What can be done in the New CWM Page:
    -run fix_permissions in Android OS mode, not in recovery mode. As you may know fix_permissions in CWM recovery is broken;
    -Fix/Undo Fix Market Cache Download;
    -Flash new Recovery;
    -Mount/Unmount any partition in recovery mode, Remount /system with read-write/read-only access in Android OS mode;
    -Repartitioning SD Card with /sd-ext partition (your choice of size and type) with option to backup /sdcard content before, and restoring it after the operation;
    -Wipe data/factory reset, cache, dalvik-cache, battery stats (your choice) in recovery mode;
    -Install zip of your choice from /sdcard;
    -Backup ROM to any folder on /sdcard or to default CWM location with option for Backup md5 sum validation after phone reboots back to Android OS, ensures proper backup is done;
    -Restore nandroid Backup with option to choose which partitions to restore(select all for full restore) and preliminary md5 sum validation for double safety;
    -One click Update ROM function which wipes cache and dalvik-cache before flashing. If Link2SD is detected on your phone you have an option to automatically copy its sd-ext mount script from current ROM to the new updated ROM saving you one reboot. Link2SD will not even know you updated the ROM;
    -One click ROM Flash with full wipe and options to install zips before/after(or both) the flash - this procedure reboots phone to Recovery, wipes dalvik-cache, formats /boot, /system, /data and /cache partitions, installs zip before(if selected), installs the new ROM, installs zip after(if selected) and reboots back to Android OS.

    Detailed information in Status Window is displayed for all operations taking place in real time. After phone reboots back to Android OS, the last CWM recovery log is displayed so you can spot any errors occurred during the last operation.

    And probably something else I forgot about;

    All bugs fixed(I believe).

    If you can't connect with adb over WiFi leave port# to 0000 and it should connect.

    So here it is, I call it CWM-edition:
    Windows: QtADB-cwm_edition.zip
    Linux: linux_QtADB-cwm_edition.zip

    Just unzip it and run "QtAdb.exe". You need Android SDK installed, or at least adb working with your phone. For the advanced features running in recovery mode CWM based recovery is required. And of course with applications like this one root access and busybox is needed.

    All credits and my "thank you" goes to the guys created the software - 7ymekk and mozarcik. Also I want to thank and give credits to the guys (couldn't find their names) created some of the tools I'm using to make the new features works.

    I did some extensive testing, especially the features running in recovery mode, but with all the different working environments etc. some bugs may occur.
    So if you have any issues or questions let me know.

    Have fun!

    Updated it 3/22, please redownload...
    A screenshot
    04-08-2012 03:02 PM
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    Thanks for posting it, thewraith420.
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    04-08-2012 03:45 PM
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    big thanks to nijel an wraith for sharing!... this will come in handy... :-)
    04-08-2012 06:29 PM
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    For reals I been using this program for a about a month and I love it It has a nice layout and it does quite a bit. Definitely worth the download.

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    04-09-2012 01:30 AM