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    Ok i have this tablet

    MyPad Air - Android iPad - Specifications | OziTechnology

    since yesterday i am getting this problem that whenever i boot it gives a few errors including system process is not responding amongst others.

    then it stops working!

    i have documented the error in a video which is

    need help, as the manufacturer wants me to ship it to china for warranty. i really dont want to spend any more money on shipping only to find out that they will make me want to pay for the return as well after saying whatever the problem it has is not covered under warranty!

    please help guys.
    03-19-2011 03:09 PM
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    anyway this post has been up for a while but there werent any replies so i doubt anyone is interested in the solution.

    anyway in the 60 sec that i had i managed to reset the device to its factory default menu/privacy/factory default

    i have to reinstall everything but at least the device works now!
    03-21-2011 06:16 AM