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    Calculator! Colors! and most Important Widget!
    All Together!!!!!
    A Calculator with great Personalization features and also include Beautiful Wdiget.
    - Evaluate arithmetic expressions like 2 * (3 - 4^6) / (3 - 2)
    - Store results and expressions into History List
    - Customize your calculator Layout with different color combinations
    - Choose different background color and Text color
    - 12 Colors to choose from for Calculator buttons
    - 12 Colors to choose from for Background
    - 12 Colors to choose from for Text Color
    Widget also comes with great features
    - Semi-Transparent fits greatly with your home screen
    - Non-Transparent design for widget also added
    - 10 Different colors to choose from
    - 10 Different text colors
    - You can choose the Widget Color and Text Color at the time of adding Widget to home screen

    Tips to use:
    - Clicking on upper part of the screen takes to Calculator History Screen (Menu option also available for this)
    - Clicking on an History item takes back to Calculator with the Result, So an old result can be used again
    - History can be clear from Option menu
    - Caluclator style (Colors) can be changed from menu button "Calculator Styles"
    - Clicking on Widget result screen takes to main Calculator Application
    - Widget looks great on Tablets as well
    Please don't forget to leave your ratings and feedback!!!!!
    More Customization features including different widget size coming soon.
    Tags: Calculator, Colorful, Widget, Memory, History

    [App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-01.jpg[App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-02.jpg[App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-03.jpg[App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-03.png[App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-04.jpg[App] Calculator + Widget (Colors) Pro-05.png

    Link to App
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    11-12-2012 08:37 PM
  2. saytovikas's Avatar
    Widget looks really nice, colors options looking good...
    Looking forward to download this...
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    11-13-2012 12:18 AM

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